Ready? Set? Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Hey, what the? I was barely asleep! Look, if my "goals" involve multiple daily naps, I'm still winning, amirite?

Anyway, please forgive us for adding so many products constantly. The accountants are KILLING us with this "try to be more conservative" and "why are you always sleeping" absurdity. So what if our product line is ever expanding? So is the universe, pal.

Anyway, we've got more soaps, candles, journals and bath bombs ready to ship out at a moment's notice. Email, order, call us ... wait, don't call us. I told you, it's nap time. 

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It's 2016 already? What the what?

Bam. 2015, gone. If you're like us, every single thing you said and did during those 12 months was muy perfecto. Infallible! That's right. We've got absolutely no regrets about that late-night tattoo parlor visit. Owl tattoos, like man buns, will always be in style.

And hey! Check out our new collection of soaps and candles here!

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Whiskey River Soap: A Giftbeat Top 2015 Line!


• WHISKEY RIVER SOAP. Designer Tabitha Wilson, who has created best-selling products for Fred & Friends, launched this line of soaps and candles this year, combining quality fragrances and humorous packaging. Her “Soap for Writer’s Block”  has been shared more than a million times on social media, while “Soap for Hispters” went viral a few months back. A Kansas retailer says the unique soap is one of her favorite new products: “They are just silly and funny, and my store is known for that. That’s what brings a lot of longtime customers in for fourth quarter.”  In 2016, the company will introduce 18 soaps and candles (cost range: $4.50-$10), along with humorous novelty gifts (     - Giftbeat

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Giftbeat is down with some Whiskey River Soap!

Industry magazine Giftbeat has named Whiskey River Soap Co. as a Top Editor's Pick! Check us out in their November issue, on their website, and on Pinterest!

"#‎TopPick‬: Looking to draw in a younger demographic? Check out Whiskey River Soap Co., a line of soaps featuring quality fragrances and humorous packaging. The Soap for Writer's Block ("smells like regurgitated ideas and probably a vampire") has been shared more than a million times on social media." -Giftbeat magazine

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Fred Says "Buy Now."

And who are we to argue? A recent post on Fred & Friends' social media directs every able-bodied man, woman and child to get out there and buy our soap. Or else:

"The originator of our "Borrow My Pens" and "Take Out Fake-Out" bags has a very funny line of soap and candles you need to buy - and like right now."

- Fred & Friends

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