Journals for Supervillains

Whiskey River Soap Co.

$ 9.95

Pardon me while I stroke my goatee.

If I had a goatee. I gave up on facial hair after everyone started copying me. In fact, I had a handlebar moustache before it was cool, until everyone laughed me out of the Hot Topic that one time. That's why I'm hiding out in an abandoned Howard Johnson's to work on my latest Evil Plan to eradicate all human capability for growing facial hair. 

Supervillains 3-Pack Journals Set contains:


Sketches of Cool Black Costumes

Top Ten Reasons to Blow Up the Moon

Comes with three different journals (4” x 5.5”) banded together. Journals are pocket-sized with rounded corners, blank pages and sturdy Kraft brown covers.


Product Code: SUP-J

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