Journals for Break-Ups

Whiskey River Soap Co.

$ 9.95

Being single is such a blessing.

But I don't understand why I have to deal with seeing my ex all over town. It's like, HELLO, the coffeeshop is MINE. And I ALWAYS go to the farmer's market on Saturday mornings. Well, you can just eat your heart out. I've been working out almost every day and drinking tons of water and soon you're going to see a real difference in me and then it will be TOO LATE. 

Break-Ups 3-Pack Journals Set contains:

Annoying Habits I'll Never Miss

Petty Revenges

Dramatic Proclamations I'll Soon Forget

Comes with three different journals (4” x 5.5”) banded together. Journals are pocket-sized with rounded corners, blank pages and sturdy Kraft brown covers.


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