Imaginary Road Trips Fake-Cation Mug Set - Sugartit/Embarrass

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Call me delirious when I'm in Sugartit, Kentucky


Sugartit is a rural community in Boone County. It’s located at the intersection of U.S. Route 42 and Kentucky Route 237 between the cities of Florence and Union. A sugar tit is a folk name for a baby pacifier that was made by placing a spoonful of sugar or honey in a small patch of clean cloth, twisting it to form a bulb. According to one account, the community received its name when the local men would spend all day at its general store and return home late for dinner; their wives would remark that they “had to have a sugartit at the store.”

There is a another Sugartit community with a similar folktale in South Carolina.

(Un)official Sugartit Folk Saying: “I love me some sugartits.”


I drove to Embarrass, Minnesota with my cat

Population: 700

The name Embarrass derives from the French word embarras, which means "to hinder with obstacles.” It was given the name by early French fur traders who found the narrow, shallow river difficult to navigate, and so named the river "Embarrass."

Known as “The Cold Spot,” the town sits in a low-lying basin where frigid air settles as it drains along the river. Residents of Embarrass are proud of their cold temperatures. There's even a giant thermometer celebrating a recorded negative 64 degree temperature.

(Un)Official Embarrass Greeting: “That’s it, people. I’m moving to Florida.”


Call Me Sugartit/I Embarrass My Cat
2-pack mug set 

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