Imaginary Road Trips Fake-Cation Mug Set - Dull/Nothing

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This shit is nowhere near as fun as vacationing in Dull, Ohio

Population: 5 houses

Dull is 2.5 miles west-southwest of Ohio City. Originally named McKee, the town’s unusual name can be traced to its founder, James Martin Dull, a merchant who staked the claim in 1879. These days, even calling Dull a town is unduly generous, since it lost its township status—and its post office—a quarter century ago.

(Un)official Dull Neighborhood Block Party Slogan: “Party of One?”


I feel amazing when I'm in Nothing, Arizona

Population: 0

At its height, Nothing was a small incorporated settlement with four inhabitants. The entire population ran a single gas station and garage. The town sign read, “Town of Nothing, Arizona. Founded in 1977. The staunch citizens of Nothing are full of hope and faith and believe in the work ethic. Through the years, these dedicated people had faith in Nothing, hoped for Nothing, worked at Nothing, for Nothing.” In their own words, this town was“named by a bunch of drunks.”

(Un)official Nothing Mascot: Dead.


This Shit is Dull/I Feel Nothing
2-pack mug set 

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