Imaginary Road Trips Fake-Cation Mug Set - Convict/Shady

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Former visitor to Convict Lake, California

Elevation: 7,583 feet

In 1871, a group of convicts escaped from Carson City, Nevada and were cornered by a local posse near the lake. A shootout took place and two members of the posse were killed, including a local merchant named Robert Morrison. The biggest peak above the lake is now named Mount Morrison and the lake was renamed Convict after the incident.

Legend says that Convict Lake is home to a monstrous brown trout named “Horgon” that few have seen and no one has ever landed.

(Un)official Convict Lake Booze Cruise Karaoke Song: “I Fought the Law” by The Clash


I'm totally in love with Shady, New York

Population: 1,918

Shady is a hamlet in Ulster County, New York, United States. It is part of the town of Woodstock and lies on New York State Route 212. The community was named for the fact that nearby high ridges often block direct sunlight.

According to legend, my great Aunt Lydia tripped out in the back of a broken down VW bus in Shady during Woodstock. She missed the entire event. The Smithsonian American Art Museum owns a painting of Shady, New York from the 1940s, but they don’t display it.

(Un)official Shady Town Motto: “Oh, we can throw shade.”


Former Convict/I'm Totally Shady
2-pack mug set 

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