Imaginary Road Trips Fake-Cation Mug Set - Call Me Sugartit

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Call me delirious when I'm in Sugartit, Kentucky


Sugartit is a rural community in Boone County. It’s located at the intersection of U.S. Route 42 and Kentucky Route 237 between the cities of Florence and Union. A sugar tit is a folk name for a baby pacifier that was made by placing a spoonful of sugar or honey in a small patch of clean cloth, twisting it to form a bulb. According to one account, the community received its name when the local men would spend all day at its general store and return home late for dinner; their wives would remark that they “had to have a sugartit at the store.”

There is a another Sugartit community with a similar folktale in South Carolina.

(Un)official Sugartit Folk Saying: “I love me some sugartits.”


Call Me Sugartit

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