Journals for Beer Whisperers

Whiskey River Soap Co.

$ 9.95

What's a good local IPA?

We know you. You're that know-it-all guy at the bar who won't stop talking about beer, beer, beer and more beer. In fact, I can't even get another lukewarm PBR down here because you're hogging the bartender's ear. You know he works for tips, right? And I don't mean tips like which beers are trending and why hops are the new darling of the brewing industry. I mean TIPS, man. Bills, moola, the long green, CASH. 

Beer Whisperers 3-Pack Journals Set contains:

Educated Critiques of Popular Beers

Official Beer Whisperer Notes

More Adjectives to Describe that Elusive Beer Taste

Comes with three different journals (4” x 5.5”) banded together. Journals are pocket-sized with rounded corners, blank pages and sturdy burgundy, ivory, and black covers.


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