Whiskey River Soap: A Giftbeat Top 2015 Line!


• WHISKEY RIVER SOAP. Designer Tabitha Wilson, who has created best-selling products for Fred & Friends, launched this line of soaps and candles this year, combining quality fragrances and humorous packaging. Her “Soap for Writer’s Block”  has been shared more than a million times on social media, while “Soap for Hispters” went viral a few months back. A Kansas retailer says the unique soap is one of her favorite new products: “They are just silly and funny, and my store is known for that. That’s what brings a lot of longtime customers in for fourth quarter.”  In 2016, the company will introduce 18 soaps and candles (cost range: $4.50-$10), along with humorous novelty gifts (whiskeyriversoap.com).     - Giftbeat