• WHISKEY RIVER SOAP. Designer Tabitha Wilson, who has created best-selling products for Fred & Friends, launched this line of soaps and candles this year, combining quality fragrances and humorous packaging. Her “Soap for Writer’s Block”  has been shared more than a million times on social media, while “Soap for Hispters” went viral a few months back. A Kansas retailer says the unique soap is one of her favorite new products: “They are just silly and funny, and my store is known for that. That’s what brings a lot of longtime customers in for fourth quarter.”  In 2016, the company will introduce 18 soaps and candles (cost range: $4.50-$10), along with humorous novelty gifts (     - Giftbeat


Giftbeat #TopPick

Industry magazine Giftbeat has named Whiskey River Soap Co. as a Top Editor's Pick! Check us out in their November issue, on their website, and on Pinterest!

"#‎TopPick‬: Looking to draw in a younger demographic? Check out Whiskey River Soap Co., a line of soaps featuring quality fragrances and humorous packaging. The Soap for Writer's Block ("smells like regurgitated ideas and probably a vampire") has been shared more than a million times on social media." -Giftbeat magazine


Hipster Soap Breaks the Internet?

Seriously, we can't keep this soap in stock! This picture has been viewed more than a million times on Imgur and Reddit, and it's been shared on Facebook more than 15,000 times. Glad you all like it!



OMG, everyone. People really like us.

“It has been one week and your products are blowing up on Silver in the City’s social media. Our photo of the Introvert Soap has over 100 likes already and Indy Monthly picked the Frenemies candle as #1 on their Hot List. Thanks so much for the awesome products!”

Andrea Burris
Silver in the City, Indianapolis